Personalised Infinity Ring with 2 Birthstones 925 Sterling Silver mother’s ring


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Color: Silver
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Style: Personalized
Size: 6/7/8/9
Weight: 3.5g
Personalise custom-made ring
Purchase Process:
1. make your order .
2. Choose 2
birthstones and 
Leave engraved information on your order. It will be better to resend this form to us.
  stone 1:
  stone 2:
  name 1:
  name 2:
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personalised-infinity-ring-with-2-birthstones-925-sterling-silver-mothers-ring-1 personalised-infinity-ring-with-2-birthstones-925-sterling-silver-mothers-ring-2 personalised-infinity-ring-with-2-birthstones-925-sterling-silver-mothers-ring-3 personalised-infinity-ring-with-2-birthstones-925-sterling-silver-mothers-ring-4 personalised-infinity-ring-with-2-birthstones-925-sterling-silver-mothers-ring-5


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